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DiskInternals ZIP Repair is a recovery wizard that helps avoid the loss of important data when a Zip archive is damaged. Its smart algorithm swiftly recovers Zip files from internal errors and saves the contents to a new archive.

screenshotThe zip file format is the most popular form of data storage. It is widely used for backup and to transfer of information over the internet.

As with any format with a well-defined structure, Zip files are highly sensitive to corruption. In the event of even a minor corruption of the file structure, standard Zip tools will not be able to extract the content. This is because all Zip tools check archives for integrity.

If the cyclic redundancy check (CRC) values of the original contents of an archive don't match those of the extracted copies, Zip archive tools won't extract them.

DiskInternals ZIP Repair helps by repairing the Zip file structure and extracting the contents of the archive.

The recovery process is completely automatic. A wizard-like interface makes Zip repair a task that any computer user may accomplish.

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