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screenshotDiskInternals Word Recovery™ is a do it yourself data recovery software for Windows which can recover Microsoft Word documents that have been lost or deleted. It is an easy to use, wizard based program that needs no technical knowledge. A successful data recovery can be accomplished by selecting items with the mouse and clicking Next.

Word Recovery can recover all Microsoft Word document types, including DOC, DOT and RTF formats, as well as the new Office 2007 XML DOCX and DOTX formats.

Powerful filters

Because Microsoft Word users often have hundreds or thousands of documents on their hard drive, Word Recovery has powerful filters that enable you to locate your lost documents by searching on the title, text, author, modification date, size and other attributes. This can save considerable time, when compared to other data recovery products.

Full document preview

Word Recovery provides a full document preview, allowing you to see the contents of lost and deleted documents even before they have been recovered. This also allows you to use a free trial version to see whether your lost documents are recoverable, without having to purchase the software in advance.

Direct recovery to CD

To avoid overwriting wanted data, recovered files must be saved to a different drive, such as an external drive or network drive. In case no other suitable drive is available, Word Recovery now supports direct recovery to writeable CD, without creating intermediate temporary files on the hard drive.

How to use it

To see just how easy it is to recover Word documents using Word Recovery look at this tutorial on Microsoft Office document recovery.

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