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RAID Recovery is a data recovery software that can recover data from corrupted RAID arrays. It can automatically detect the correct type of RAID array, or else the array configuration may be manually specified using drag and drop. You can then recover or back up files from the corrupted array just as easily as if it were a single hard disk, before attempting to fix it.

screenshotRaid Recovery supports all types of RAID array including RAID 0, 1, JBOD, RAID 5, and RAID 0+1. It supports dedicated RAID controllers, RAID-enabled motherboards and Microsoft software RAID (Dynamic Disk) configurations. It automatically detects the key parameters of the array, such as the type of array, type of RAID controller, stripe size, and disk order, which are essential for correct recovery of the data.

Once the RAID array is accessible, RAID Recovery can use all the same recovery tools provided by Partition Recovery for single hard disks. It's Power Search Technology allows RAID Recovery to detect and recover more than 160 different file types, including all file types used in the typical enterprise. Recovered files may be saved to any drive accessible under Windows, burned to CD or DVD, or uploaded to an FTP server or NAS device. You can also repair the corrupted RAID array and then continue using it.

RAID Recovery can create recovery snapshots for logical drives on the disk array. These may then be processed off-line to recover lost data whilst the array itself is repaired or reconfigured.

RAID Recovery is easier to use and much lower cost than other RAID data recovery software currently on the market. If you have lost data on a damaged or corrupt RAID array, get RAID Recovery today.

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