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When your hard drive is unreadable or your computer won't boot up, DiskInternals Partition Recovery can restore your data.

screenshotDiskInternals Partition Recovery is the ultimate do-it-yourself data recovery software for Windows. It can recover lost or deleted partitions, repair master boot records (MBR), unformat drives, and fix other problems that can make a disk unreadable by Windows.

Worst case data recovery

DiskInternals Partition Recovery can also recover lost or deleted files from hard disks, floppy disks, memory sticks, memory cards and all other types of non-optical storage media.

It can recover deleted files even after you have emptied the Recycle Bin, or if the Recycle Bin was not used.

Supports over 110 file types

DiskInternals Partition Recovery can recover any type of file, including Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint files), Adobe Acrobat PDF files, audio and video files and photo images. Recovered files may be saved to any drive visible to Windows, including network drives.

DiskInternals' exclusive, unique Power Search Technology enables Partition Recovery to identify and recover more than 160 different file types when other products would recover nothing!

Works with any Windows-supported file system

DiskInternals Partition Recovery works with any storage media that uses the FAT, FAT32 or NTFS file systems. This includes hard drives, floppy drives, memory sticks, memory cards and even the internal memory of digital cameras and MP3 players. It may be run on any version of Windows, from Windows 95 upwards.

Disk image creation and recovery

DiskInternals Partition Recovery can create a recovery image of a disk, saved to another drive, to preserve all recoverable data. This allows you or the computer user to continue using the computer without harming the chances of successful data recovery by overwriting the files you want to restore. Data recovery can be performed later using this image.

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is ideal for corporate use, allowing technicians to recover files for their users, without preventing the user from accessing their computer to get on with their work.

Direct recovery to CD

To avoid overwriting wanted data, recovered files must be saved to a different drive, such as an external drive or network drive. In case no other suitable drive is available, Partition Recovery now supports direct recovery to writeable CD, without creating intermediate temporary files on the hard drive.

How to use it

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is the easiest data recovery software to use. A Recovery Wizard guides you through the recovery process:

  • Start the Recovery Wizard.
  • Choose from:
    - Search for lost, damaged or deleted partitions
    - Recover disk as an NTFS volume
    - Recover disk as FAT volume
  • Select the drive to scan for files or partitions.
  • Wait while Partition Recovery scans the selected drive.
  • Follow the prompts to complete recovery.
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