iconDiskInternals Linux Reader

If you have both Windows and Linux on your computer you'll know that, whilst you can access your Windows partitions from Linux, you can't get at your Linux files when you're running Windows.

screenshotDiskInternals Linux Reader is a tool that solves the problem! It allows you to browse Linux ext2 and ext3 format partitions using a familiar Windows Explorer interface, and to open and copy files from them.

DiskInternals Linux Reader permits only read-only access. It does not allow you to write to the ext2 and ext3 file system partitions. This ensures that you cannot make changes that could prevent Linux from running later.

Whilst accessing the Linux files, DiskInternals Linux Reader completely ignores Linux file security policies. This means that it is possible to access absolutely any file on a Linux partition from Windows.

DiskInternals Linux Reader can also create and open images of Linux ext2/ext3 disks.

The Windows Explorer interface provides a familiar and easily understood tool for extracting data from Linux partitions. A particular benefit of DiskInternals Linux Reader is the preview option which allows you to view thumbnails of many types of file.

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