iconDiskInternals Data Recovery CD

When a disk or drive contains lost data, it is important to write nothing to it, or as little as possible, to avoid overwriting the data you hope to recover. The DiskInternals Data Recovery CD lets you run any of our products direct from the CD. It's the ideal way to recover lost data, or to see whether your files are recoverable at all, without installing anything to your computer. If your computer can run Windows, you can use our recovery CD.

The DiskInternals Data Recovery CD contains:

  • installable copies of the products;
  • installed copies of the products, ready to run direct from the CD;
  • tutorial material, showing you how to recover your data quickly and effectively.

Some of the products unrestricted freeware and some are free trial software. To enable the full data recovery functionality of the trial software, you may purchase a license using the links within the software or the tutorials.

The DiskInternals UK Data Recovery CD is supplied as a downloadable ISO image file. After downloading the file you must burn it to CD using your favourite ISO burning software. If you don't have ISO burning software, or you aren't sure if your CD burning software supports ISO burning, then we recommend ImgBurn.

(Note: An ISO file is an image of a complete CD. It's no good burning it to CD as an ordinary data file. You'll just end up with a CD containing an ISO file, which is no use to anyone!)

Download the DiskInternals UK Data Recovery CD ISO file