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If your only copy of important, irreplaceable files is on CD or DVD, and the files have vanished or the disc is unreadable, don't panic! DiskInternals CD/DVD Recovery can quickly recover lost files from almost all types of CD and DVD media.

screenshotDiskInternals CD/DVD Recovery is a Windows data recovery software that can recover data from CDs and DVDs. It is the only product for CD and DVD data recovery. CDs and DVDs store data in a different way (using different file systems) to hard drives and other non-optical media, so special DVD and CD data recovery software is needed.

CD/DVD Recovery can read CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVR+R, DVD-RW, DVR+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL and DVD-RAM disks. It supports disks using the ISO 9660, UDF and Joliet file systems.

It can recover files from both single and multi-session discs, including when previous data was lost after writing a new session. It supports rewritable disks created using Nero InCD or Direct CD software.

It can recover files from damaged discs. An intelligent recovery algorithm skips over bad sectors.

CD/DVD Recovery recovers all types of files, including Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint files), Adobe Acrobat PDF files, audio and video files and photo images. It fully supports long filenames.

DiskInternals' exclusive, unique Power Search Technology enables CD/DVD Recovery to identify and recover more than 160 different file types in circumstances where other products would not detect their presence!

How to use it

Unlike other CD and DVD data recovery programs, it's very easy to recover files using DiskInternals CD/DVD Recovery. No technical knowledge is needed. A Recovery Wizard walks you through the steps:

  • Insert the disc in the drive.
  • Start the Recovery Wizard.
  • Select the drive to scan.
  • Wait while CD/DVD Recovery searches for recoverable files.
  • Browse the list of files that have been recovered.
  • Select the files you want to recover and save them to another drive.
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